Kathy Doherty

Kathy is the Administrative Coordinator at Lake Hills Montessori.

I was born in Illinois and remained there until I married.  I have lived in Puerto Rico, CT, FL, NJ, TN, LA, and for the past 30+ years I have been in Texas.  My husband and I have been foster parents in several States and have always loved being with children.  I have worked in the education field for the past 35 years.  I began in a classroom for special needs and then spent over 25 years at a facility for individuals with autism.  My eldest daughter is an AMS/AMI certified teacher so I have been learning about Maria Montessori for a long time.

When I moved to Austin 13 years ago, my grand-children were enrolled at Lake Hills Montessori.  I learned they were looking for substitutes, and so began my career with LHM!  I have worked here as a substitute, primary classroom assistant, extended work-day assistant, and for the past 9 years have worked as Administrative Coordinator.  I enjoy connecting with the children and learn something from them every day.

I am married, have three children and seven grand-children.  I love spending time with family; I enjoy travel, going to the movies and reading.