Sandra Karnstadt

Sandra Karnstadt MEd: Sandra (“Sandi”) is the Head of Schools / Founder of Lake Hills Montessori, Austin and Bee Cave.

I feel so privileged to have worked with the children and families of Lake Hills Montessori for the past 20 years.  I have filled the role of teacher, as well as director 11 years during that time.  I have felt a part of this amazing community all that time and can honestly say I love coming to work every day!  The children and their families certainly brighten my days.

I have two children, and my wish for them is to find a profession, that is truly their passion, as I have.  I met my husband, Cary, 27 years ago when I decided to move to Texas (from Tulsa, OK) to attend graduate school, where I received an MEd in Education Administration, having arrived here with a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from OSU.  In 1994, our first son, Chase, was born.  At the time I was principal of a local private school.  I soon decided to start my own consulting business and needed a pre-school, for my then 3-year old.  A friend suggested Montessori, and my plight began almost immediately – so back to graduate school I went!  Through the eyes of my child, I discovered Montessori: it was a complete “aha!” moment; truly life changing!  Through that first year of discovery, all that I knew from my own education, I re-evaluated and so began my quest to lean all I could about Montessori.  Within two years, I was certified and teaching a primary classroom.  I have not stopped learning and experiencing since all that Montessori has to offer.  By 1998 having learned we were expecting our second child, it seemed the right time to open our own school.  So, Lake Hills was born in the spring of 1999, just months before Walker arrived!  At the time I was the only primary guide at school, so Walker became a part of my classroom (a true practical life lesson!).  As an infant, it was a great experience for the children, Walker and myself.  He can truly say he was “born a Montessori kid”.

I’d like to thank all the parents who have supported our schools and have watched them grow through the years.  You and your children are what makes LHM such a wonderful place!