Type Montessori Traditional
Education Education is life in process, beginning at birth Education is something that happens in school to prepare the child for life.
Teacher The supporter, guide The leader, lecturer
Instruction Individualized, at a level consistent with the child’s abilities Group oriented, at groups pace or teachers pace
Order of learning Follows a psychological order- new material is presented when the learner is ready, when his interests are aroused- his curiosity is gratified Tends to be arbitrary for the individual learner depending on the selectivity of the teacher
Experience Is first-hand through direct use of a wide variety of special, purposeful learning material- Emphasis upon activity, learning by doing Is often second-hand through lectures and explanations- Emphasis upon words, upon authority, upon learning by rote
Control or Error Is inherently a part of the material itself- the child can recognize and correct an error by himself- Pleasure and self-confidence are derived from success and the good feelings of accomplishment The adult is usually the judge- recognition is gained by pleasing the adult or by capturing the admiration of the group.
Motivation Is self-initiated through environmental stimulation Is teacher-initiated or comes from the child’s desire to emulate the adult
Discipline Emerges from the child himself in the form of self-discipline- he develops self-respect and in turn, respect for others Rules are externally imposed on the child- respect is demanded of him